Tango in the Spring

4 - 7 October 2024 A social celebration of Argentine tango in Canberra, Australia
Update (2024-04-04): Solo follower tickets are on hold. More info.

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Every two years, Tango in the Spring attracts Argentine tango dancers from across Australia to Canberra to simply enjoy dancing together to beautiful music. As one of the longest running tango festivals in Australia focused purely on social dancing, you can expect more of the essential qualities which make Tango in the Spring special in 2024: a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, good traditional tango music from experienced DJs, excellent sound quality, a comfortable and attractive venue with good lighting, and totally uninterrupted dancing from the first song to the very last.

The four main milongas will be at the elegant Albert Hall in Canberra — high ceilings, parquet floor. You will get a warm welcome from the Canberra tango community as well as Tango in the Spring regulars. Activities start on Friday evening with our welcome milonga, and end on Monday afternoon with our farewell milonga – with plenty of dancing and social opportunities in between. The Monday is a public holiday in some states, and even if not for you: stay anyway!

"I had an amazing time, again! My favourite Australian festival for sure."

"Each time I think TISP can’t get any better, but it does!"

"It was absolutely amazing! It was my first festival, and I loved every single moment … the best four days I've had in years, and I was so saddened to return to real life!"