About TISP

Our philosophy

Tango in the Spring is a non-profit event run by a small committee and a large number of volunteers, with the support of the Tango Social Club of Canberra. We love tango and we run the event to help grow the local and national tango community. Of course we also love catching up with tango friends and dancing to great music over 4 days. These core goals guide us in all the decisions we make about the event.

What to expect

  • An uninterrupted social dancing experience: We usually have a speech to open the event on the Friday night. After that, there are no speeches or shows of any kind until the last song on the Monday afternoon milonga. Our hearts are filled with gratitude by seeing everyone have a great time dancing, rather than speeches, performances or lessons.
  • Stylish venue with comfortable seating: Tango provides us with an opportunity to connect deeply with others and we want to enhance this experience as much as possible. So we host the event at the beautiful Albert Hall in Canberra. Every person who has a ticket is guaranteed a seat, and there are no walk-ins or tickets sold at the venue. We provide food during the milongas to get you fuelled up, and a bar service so you don't have to BYO. We make spaces behind the tables for people to walk around so that people don't interrupt dancers by walking across the floor. We ensure that lighting is balanced so that people can see each other for dances while keeping in theme with the stylish venue.
  • Great music and sound quality: We engage DJs who focus on traditional tango music that appeals to the majority of tango dancers around the world. However each DJ has a different focus and style so each milonga can feel different and we can experience plenty of variety throughout the event. We engage professional sound engineers to set up an audio system to provide a rich sound for the entire hall.
  • Gender balanced event: We ensure an appropriate leader/follower balance is achieved through the booking system and restrict ticket sales if necessary. Many of our attendees plan for the event well in advance, and some may even miss out due to restricted ticket sales. Hence we don't sell tickets at the door to keep everything fair and transparent. We value every attendee equally so no preferential treatment is provided to anyone.