Detailed answers to your TISP questions

You’ll find some detailed information about the event here, including our plan for gender balance and our cancellation and refunds policy. If your question isn’t answered here – email us at info@tangointhespring.org.au.

Can I just turn up to the milongas without booking?

No. No door sales. We want everyone to be comfortable, with a seat at a table. You book and pay in advance, and we will make sure that you have a seat, even if you arrive late. If you just turn up, we will have to turn you away.

What is your COVID plan?

We will follow whatever public health measures are in force in Canberra at the time — including cancelling if we have to. Don’t attend any event if you have any symptoms of infectious disease, or if you waiting for a COVID test result to come back.

I'm a relative beginner at tango. Is TISP suitable for me?

Yes, we love welcoming new dancers and it would be a great way to appreciate what makes tango so enjoyable. However, you should talk to an experienced dancer beforehand to prepare yourself on some key issues: how to dance safely in a crowded venue without interrupting other people, how to invite people to dance, how to handle the challenge of attending an event largely filled by experienced dancers, etc.

Oh crap, I can't come and I've paid. What is your refund policy?

We've made our cancellation process simple to make it easy to understand and because we're volunteers with limited time to manage it!

  • Event ticket refunds: If you cancel prior to 23 September, we will refund the full amount. After that, refunds cannot be guaranteed. Sorry! Email us if your cancellation is due to exceptional circumstances and we'll see what we can do. But no guarantees.
  • If you do not have a confirmation email from either Trybooking or us, then we have not recorded a booking.
  • We reserve the right to cancel any booking or to refuse entry to any part of the event for any reason.

Who's running it?

There's four of us running it - Yuko, Gary, Jarny and Sophie - but there will be a whole bunch of other people from the Tango Social Club of Canberra and elsewhere helping out, in all kinds of ways. Tango in the Spring is under the wing of the Tango Social Club of Canberra, and it is taking the financial risk on this event. If there is a surplus, it will go towards other non-profit tango events and activities run by or under the auspices of the Club. And if there's a loss to cover, the Club will be paying it from its members' funds (which include surpluses from the previous Tango in the Spring events).

Will you be allocating people to tables like you did last time?

Yes, we will (but not for Monday). For everyone who books, our aim is to have a seat allocated for you at each main milonga. And if you and someone else specifically say that you are together, we will try to put you together. But we are trying to avoid the situation where a large group from one place all end up together — we would rather people mingle more. And remember you can always move around after getting your allocated seat.

We won't know our seating plan till each day. And we'll try to move people around so you sit with different people each time - unless you ask us not to!

Are you going to control the gender balance?

Yes, we will control leader/follower balance. That's why the registration form will ask whether you usually lead, or usually follow.

Our mission is to create the best social tango environment possible for our participants.

We aim for a ratio of leaders to followers to be higher than 45:55. We may limit numbers, or restrict tickets sales, to achieve this.

Will it be just like the 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018 and 2022 Tango in the Spring events?

Well, they were each a bit different. We were inspired by the positive feedback from all previous Tango in the Springs. We are continuing the same goals: an emphasis on social dancing with excellent Golden Age tango music. The main events will be very similar. The 'extra' events might be different. And of course, every dance you have will be different: different people, different music, experienced in a different moment in time. It will be great!

Can I take photos or video at the events?

Yes, but… please be considerate and discreet. People are there to dance.
No flash, no big intrusive equipment e.g. tripods. Don't take long videos. Stop if someone asks you not to film them. Don’t set up shots. Don't interrupt the dancing.

Shouldn't the acronym for Tango in the Spring be 'TITS' not 'TISP'?

Well, yes, strictly speaking, but we’re sure you can see why that’s not what we use!