We get lots of feedback after each Tango in the Spring.  Here’s a sample.

2014 Feedback

“Thank you for a fabulous Festival…seriously brilliant music from great DJs and Tángalo, great venues, memorable tandas and perfect spring weather. Awesome weekend.”

“The dancers were very welcoming and generous … the Asado was amazing and the film was another real highlight. Well done Canberra Tango Community! It has been a real pleasure!”

“Thank you! It was amazing and exceeded my expectations :)”

“… a most WONDERFUL time with you all… You were all so welcoming to me and it was just like in the old days when a stranger comes to town, the town welcomes you ….  You could not have done anything better.  …I met old friends and made plenty of new ones from Adelaide and Brisbane, what a weekend!”

“Great music, great people, great dancers. Decoration was beautiful, appreciated the supper. Asado amazing. Film excellent, live music created a good contrast. ”

“…very professionally organised and it exceeded my expectations. …The meet-and-greet with a personal escort to allocated seating at tables is especially impressive as it made me feel very welcome. And it was a great idea to have different tables with different people at each milonga unless individuals have nominated people they want to sit with.”

“ it just keeps getting better , once again well organised and quite seamless.”

“Tango in the Spring is a high point of the tango calendar. The combination of the quality of the organisation, venues and the music made for a great weekend. But it was the little touches like the room decorations and individual escorting to the tables that differentiated this event and made it feel special. …felt like somebody thought about the event from a participant’s viewpoint as opposed to an organiser trying to make money… ”

“…another fabulous event. Congratulations!! People were really friendly and welcoming …it was affordable & relaxed, venues were tastefully decorated, lighting was perfect for the cabeceo, furniture was well-arranged so people could circulate without interfering with the dancers, cabeceo was encouraged, sound quality was excellent, of course!! The seating plan encouraged us to meet a few new people.”

“I can easily understand why so many dancers keep returning. My overriding impression was that we were well looked after – both socially and with quality music and venues. A very professional and thoughtfully created event.”

“Couldn’t fault it. … The events ran smoothly. Venues were spacious and fresh. Even the participants, a factor you have no control over, were a great “mob”.”

“I had a great time.  I was very impressed with the organization of every event.  The venues were great… All the people I met from Canberra were lovely, and it was really fabulous meeting so many people from other parts of Australia.”

2012 Feedback

  • “This event will stay in my mind for a long time. Beautiful in conception and perfect in execution, it left us wanting more, despite the exhaustion we felt in our bodies after so many hours spent dancing. To me, it encapsulated the joy of tango into one event. I can’t thank the organisers more for what they have managed to bring together.”
  • “Sincere thanks to all the organisers and volunteers of what is clearly Australia’s premier tango event!  It was a joy to share the tango embrace with so many dancers from around the country.”
  • “Amazing. Simply the best. Congratulations to the organising team.”
  • “Thank you so much for the sensational organisation and effort, definitely Tango in the Spring has made a positive impression in my memory and will stay with me together with the other wonderful memories I have accumulated in the last 20 years of my Australia life….Grazie !!!”
  • “Such a brilliant event – well done cbr!!”

2010 Feedback

  • “Congratulations and heart-felt thanks to the team who organised and volunteered in what was a seamless event. We’re all going home to tell our locals what they missed out on and that they’d better make sure they get to the next one.”
  • “…great fun and it was smoothly run and absolutely beautiful in all the details.”
  • “Lovely event. Really enjoyed myself. You are a very welcoming bunch.”
  • “The venues were great, the hosts were charming, the decor was stunning, the music was continually danceable and the dancers were happy and friendly.”
  • “It was superbly organised, beautifully decorated, extremely welcoming and lots of fun.”
  • “Thank you all so much for a very elegant and cosmopolitan event. Loved every minute myself and overheard many others words of praise.”
  • “The asado was awesome, yummy and great environment to be with the family.”
  • “The welcoming members did a great job of getting everyone comfortable.”
  • “I loved what I saw, simply a group of very nice people enjoying dance and music, and most of them doing it in a great style.”
  • I cannot fault it. Everything went so smoothly. Congratulations.”

2008 Feedback

  • “What can I say – it was brilliant. I stayed much later and danced far, far more than I expected.”
  • “10 out of 10 for everything: organisation,venues, choice of DJ’s, extra activities, friendliness.”
  • “The organisation of the entire event was highly professional and the mood was outstandingly friendly. I am sure the word is out that this has been THE premier tango event in Australia.”
  • THE premier tango event in Australia.
  • “It would be hard to improve on such a fantastic event”
  • “The call not to have workshops or performances was an inspired decision”
  • “…nothing but praise for the visionary structure, professional organisation and friendly atmosphere created”
  • “I can’t think of anything you could have done to improve it – it was all perfect.”
  • “Music – a truly outstanding selection was played”
  • “…the milongas were well organised and beautifully decorated.”
  • “You guys are awesome. It rocked.”
  • “Overall a 98% satisfaction rating”
  • “music – excellent for all events… This was one of those core things that had to be right, and you were spot on.”
  • “The crew from Canberra were all very welcoming and incorporated us interstate dancers into the fold”
  • “Fantastic. Music great every night.”
  • “A great long weekend of social dancing. I had a great time.”
  • Fantastic. Music great every night.”
  • “It was wonderful to be able to dance, dance, dance and then dance some more”
  • “Well done guys, beautiful city, gorgeous people, wonderful dancing, what more can we want?”
  • “I loved the event whole-heartedly!! “
  • “the attention to detail and decorations at every event was amazing as well as the selection of music.”
  • “We have nothing but positive feedback!”

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