Note that the four milongas are for prepaid ticket holders only — no door sales.

On Friday night, we open the doors at around 7.15pm so you can mingle and chat (milonga starts at 8pm). Our last event on Monday afternoon will finish up at around 5pm.

Download the printable program.

Our focus is uninterrupted high quality social dancing over four days — Friday night to Monday afternoon.Four milongas, and a practica – all with quality music DJ’d by some of the best tango DJs from across Australia. Catch up with your old tango friends from around the country, dance with new partners, dance till you drop!

DJ line-up is:

  • Friday night — Pat Petronio
  • Saturday practica — Jarny Choi
  • Saturday night — Fabian Conca
  • Sunday night — Mohamed Ibrahim
  • Monday afternoon — Yuko Kinoshita

Friday Night

7.15 – 8pm: Welcome Drinks
8pm–1am: Welcome Milonga
Venue: Albert Hall, Yarralumla

The grand old Albert Hall is our main venue. The Argentine Embassy is supporting the opening, with a free welcome drink. Then ease into the festival, meet old and new friends.

Basic bar service, last drinks 11.45pm.
Snacks (around 10.30pm) to keep you going.


All Saturday events will be held at Albert Hall, Yarralumla.

Noon–1pm: Tango Organisers’ Forum

In 2018, we’re departing from our tradition of having a DJ forum at the festival. We will instead have a Tango Organisers’ Forum for the first time, where a panel of experienced tango event organisers will lead a discussion on a range of interesting topics.

On the panel will be Gary Barnes (Canberra), Mona Ardeleanu (Sydney), David Clark (Melbourne) and Karina Conca (Sydney), with Jarny Choi as the moderator. We want to find out what makes tango organisers tick, what they find as key issues that they have to deal with, and exchange some ideas on community building.

Note that this event is free and open to the public. You do not need festival registration.

1–3pm: Argentine Asado 

For people who have pre-booked their asado, Martin and his mates will have their big bbq trailer out, cooking authentic asado over charcoal. We supply meat, bread, salad, water (and vegetarian option for those that pre-booked it). A great way to enjoy a fine meal and chat with people in an informal setting.

BYO drinks — no bar service.

3–5pm: Practica 

What better way to follow up on a meal than to do some dancing in a casual setting. An informal practice session, with no teacher. Or you can just hang out and talk to people or shop at the clothes and shoes stalls run by our sponsors TengoTango and Pali LaVier. As this is also the weekly Tango Social Club of Canberra practica, you might also meet some Canberra dancers who haven’t made it to the festival.

Note that this event is free and open to the public. You do not need festival registration.

8pm –1am: Saturday night milonga

Have a rest, grab some dinner and come back for more dancing.

Basic bar service, last drinks 11.45pm.
Snacks (around 10.30pm) to keep you going


2-4pm: Sunday afternoon milonguita
Venue: Makeshift, New Acton

This is a chilled afternoon milonguita, at Makeshift in the arty cafe area of New Acton.

Yuko will be playing classic tango music recordings for your listening and dancing pleasure, but its also a great opportunity to catch up with other festival goers in a relaxed atmosphere. Maybe have a coffee, a drink, or get some lunch. We’ll have a little dance floor (wooden!), and the bar will be open for drinks and coffee. There are several other highly-rated bars and restaurants nearby.

Seats are limited, and not booked for this event, which is open to the public. This event is supported by Molonglo Group.

8pm–1am: Sunday night Milonga
Venue: Albert Hall, Yarralumla 

Another big milonga, so stay the night and don’t miss this opportunity to dance.

Basic bar service, last drinks 11.45pm.
Snacks (around 10.30pm) to keep you going


12-5pm: Monday afternoon milonga
Venue: Albert Hall, Yarralumla 

Back to the Albert Hall — but this time in daylight for our farewell milonga, with light refreshments provided by The Embassy of Uruguay. Stay until 5pm with great music, and gradually farewell those who have to leave early.

Basic bar service until 4pm.
Light refreshments provided by The Embassy of Uruguay.