Thank you for coming, and to all the volunteers

Thank you for coming, and to all the volunteers

Well now its all over and we are catching up on sleep and administrivia. But still enjoying the glow from four days of great dancing. We hope you had a good time too! We’ll have some photos soon. We’ve sent an email to everyone who booked asking for feedback — if you didn’t get it, please email us!

Our aim was:

“to bring tango dancers together so we can meet and simply enjoy dancing together to beautiful music. Four days of social tango dancing to great Golden Age music in a friendly and warm social setting.”

TISP is only possible because of the loads of generous volunteers. Thank you so much for your help and cheer throughout TISP, and the months, weeks and days leading up to it.

We cannot name all and thank individually, but we would like to acknowledge our core volunteer team for their amazing work. Many of them were doing behind the scenes operations, so their contribution might go unnoticed otherwise. In no particular order:

Queen of Volunteer Coordination, Yara Jerious, and her deputy Kathi Schlesinger, for enlisting and coordinating the mass of volunteers. It’s a complicated operation, both before and during the festival, but thanks to those capable coordinators things ran very smoothly.

Queen of Decoration, Jean Sum, for creating the beautiful and classy atmosphere each night on a shoe string budget! We offered to top up her budget when we filled up the bookings, but she stuck to her economical budget with pride. Her creativity was amazing. And Roxanne Baker, the previous TISP deco queen, for supporting Jean.

Queen of Bookings Sonja Zink for her immaculate record-keeping, and being in charge of the mass of email correspondence on booking matters. Her demonstration of German precision was a joy to behold.

Queen of Salad Erika Mordek, for again leading the kitchen team. She and her team also prepared the sandwiches and cakes for Friday supper, which we all greatly enjoyed.

Queen of Cleaning Up, Kathi Schlesinger, for so joyfully cleaning away the kitchen after the asado lunch and making everything spotless — as well as being a deputy volunteer manager.

Queen of Bar, Connie Wong, for being in charge of the bar operation, which included selecting wines, stocking the bar, managing the bar staff, and not drinking the leftover wine. Also she was a great help with shopping — the vastness of Costco would have defeated us without Connie’s help.

The mighty veteran Setup Team, Michael Ellery and Kirsty Rhind, have been core volunteers since the first one in 2008. They came early for every milonga to help set up, as well as lots of packing up operations.

All round helper, Sandrea Llorens, who has also been with us since 2008. So many bits and bobs at a moment’s notice. Also, her demonstration of how to carry tables (and road cases) gracefully in heels never ceases to impress.

We had two new additions to team Canberra: Glen Purdam and Rowan Rogers. They were first to arrive, and usually last to leave. Glen worked with Gary as the Sound and Lighting Team. He also brought lots of gear which we probably couldn’t afford without his connections! And Rowan, shifting and lifting and organising, at all hours.

Tas SakellarisMichele Perrone, and Adriana Chowaniok—staying every night to help pack up. The speed of packing was phenomenal thanks to your help.

I’d also like to thank the TSCC committee: Magda Mayer, Reynaldo Galang, Paul McGlew, Peter Dall and Yara Jerious:  anything we needed from the committee was processed so quickly, and they individually gave us so much help.

So… Thank you all!
We’ll probably do TISP again in 2 years time.
And we’d love to hear from you.

The Tango in the Spring team:
Yuko Kinoshita   |  Gary Barnes  | Jarny Choi | Chanop (Tim) Silpa-Anan   |  Jane Won

We didn't take any proper organiser shots. So here is a snap of some of the team: Jarny, Connie, Gary, Yuko (and DJ Jamie in the background).
We didn’t take any proper organiser shots. So here is a snap of some of the team: Jarny, Connie, Gary, Jane (and DJ Jamie in the background).

2 thoughts on “Thank you for coming, and to all the volunteers

  1. Michele Perrone

    The hard part will be to wait 2 years !!!

  2. Pat Petronio

    All the meticulous planning and hard work behind the scenes by everyone involved, resulted in a stand-out, smoothly-run weekend.

    Great music. Loved the elegant Albert Hall venue. Fabulous asado. Wicked treats from the Embassy of Uruguay!

    When can we book for the next one?


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