2008: Two new events: milonguita & seminar

There’s two new events added to the program! Both at the delightful King’s Hall at Old Parliament House. Kings Hall, OPH

A short lecture by tango afficionado and academic Daniel Martín; and an afternoon milongita. Both on Sunday.

“Tragedy, hopelessness, unrequited love: Tango and demography” short lecture by Dr Daniel Martín: 2-2.30pm.  

The popular image of tango is of a sensual dance, the epitome of romantic passion. In tango lyrics, however, there is only tragedy, hopelessness and unrequited love. This talk will look at this perceived lack of correspondence, especially in songs between 1914 and 1930, when tango-canción was born in the outskirts of Buenos Aires and Montevideo. The social context of the tragic characters depicted, and the demographics of Buenos Aires, can help us understand the music and the dance.

King’s Hall Tango Café: afternoon milongita

2.30-4pm — a little afternoon milonga in this lovely space. We can’t spread out over the parquet floor like old times, but we’ll have a lovely dance in this strange place, now free of politicians (except statues). Democracy in the House!