2008: Accommodation

Kingston, Manuka and the City Centre (or “Civic” as we call it here) are each reasonably close to some of the milonga venues, and are well located for other attractions.

Stay with friends – or make new ones!

We might be able to help you with a billet. If you know someone in Canberra you want to stay with, contact them directly. If not, send us an email to billets@tangointhespring.org.au, telling us when you are coming, and any special requirements or requests. We’ll get in touch and let you know whether someone has a spare room.Or, if you use Facebook, we have set up a group on Facebook where you can request a bed at someone’s place in Canberra, or if you’re a Canberra resident, offer accommodation to visitors, see TISP on Facebook.

Some suggestions

To find accommodation, the Visit Canberra website has some accommodation links which you may find helpful. And below are some specific suggestions from us:

Cheap end

  • YHA Canberra city – get a group together and stay at the YHA as a cheap option in the city.

Bit nicer and still close

Bit further away

Bed and breakfast