Below is the information from the last Tango in the Spring in 2016. We will update this soon.

UPDATE on registration (17 September 2016)

Friday, Saturday and Sunday are booked out. No tickets at the door. There are a handful of single milonga tickets left for Monday only.

We are taking TENTATIVE BOOKING REQUESTS ONLY for these remaining seats on Monday. Your booking request may not be confirmed, depending on whether we actually have room.  Sorry for this uncertainty.

The good news is some of these last few Monday tickets are available to followers.  

For all other events — Tickets are NOT AVAILABLE.  Please email if you would like to be placed in a waiting list, in case someone cancels.

Fill in the form below, and at the end:

  • pay with a Paypal account, or
  • use Paypal to pay from a credit card, or
  • do a bank transfer.

Cost will be :

  •  full festival ticket    SOLD OUT!
  • $90: 3 milongas only package. SOLD OUT!
  • $35: single milonga MONDAY ONLY


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