UPDATE: Booking requests for solo followers will go on a waitlist. But please register now!

Bookings for leaders, and leader/follower pairs, are still open.

We already have lots of bookings from solo followers, and we want to end up with a good leader/follower balance, so that all followers have a better festival..

So, for booking requests for solo followers (or more followers than leaders): we will take your registration request, but we will only confirm once we have a bit more balance in the bookings. Don’t pay till we confirm your booking. And don’t book accomodation or travel until we confirm!

You can register for the 2018 festival here.

Currently you can choose from 2 types of tickets: full festival ticket ($100) or 3 milongas only package ($90). And the excellent asado, which is $32 extra (vegetarian option available).

Single milonga tickets may become available at a later date when we have a better idea about the numbers for each milonga.

We will try to maintain a reasonable ratio of leaders to followers for the festival. So followers, try to convince leaders to register early to keep more places open for followers!

Fill in the form below, and at the end:

  • pay with a Paypal account, or
  • use Paypal to pay from a credit card, or
  • do a bank transfer.

Cost will be :

  • full festival ticket: $100
  • 3 milongas only package: $90
  • optional asado: $32 extra

NB solo followers: please register to go on the waitlist; but do not pay!

Fields marked with a * are required.

ANTI-SPAM.  Just need to check that you are human, and not a spambot. Just answer the question with the right number!

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