UPDATE: We are full! Friday and Saturday are both completely booked out.

So that means leaders or couples wanting to come to Friday or Saturday (ie full festival or 3-milonga tickets) will go on a waiting list, and may get in if there are cancellations (some cancellations are likely between now and the start of the festival, but there are people already on the waiting list). For Sunday and Monday, we do have some limited spaces available for leaders and couples, so you can register and pay. Follower-only registration is closed all registration types, due to the size of the waiting list there.

In summary, follower-only registration is closed for all days, and the available options for others are:

  • Leader-only or couple registration for full festival ticket or 3 milongas only package: register to go on a waiting list. Do not pay until you receive confirmation.
  • Leader-only or couple registration for Sunday or Monday: can register and pay and be assured of a place.

Cost will be :

  • full festival ticket: $100
  • 3 milongas only package: $90
  • 1 milonga only package: $30
  • optional asado: $32 extra

NB bookings for full ticket or 3 milongas only: please register to go on the waitlist; but do not pay!

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