DJ Interview: Tim (Chanop) Silpa-Anan 2012

What first made you interested in tango DJing?

Out of necessity. There was no other friends committed into DJing when I started out.

What do you like best about DJing?

I like many things about it, but firstly being able to dance to the music I like when I get a chance to play those Also I enjoy playing with people’s mood and keeping people on the floor despite their fatigue by playing irresistible music.

What do you consider when selecting music to play?

To make my friends and people I know get up and dance. Keep alternating the feel of music from current tanda to the next.

What music won’t you play at a milonga?

I don’t usually play the music I don’t like to dance myself. Other than that, it all depends on the occasion.

What’s your worst DJing experience?

One time at a milonga I was DJing, someone came and asked me “Could you play D’Arienzo for me next?” My answer… “??? I’ve just played D’Arienzo!”. Well, I don’t know it qualifies as the ‘worst’, it was certainly a fairly annoying moment for a DJ!

How much do you dance when you DJ?

Depends on the night, I dance from a couple of tandas to half the night.

How did you find DJing at Tango in the Spring 2010?

It was another fun, warm, afternoon, fare well milonga. Good to send everyone home in good spirit.

What are you looking forward to as a DJ at this year’s Tango in the Spring?

Scraping off my rust. Haven’t been DJing for a while since the baby has come along.

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