DJs 2012

Tango in the Spring 2012: The DJs, the music!

The 2012 DJs! Pat PetronioMichael HayesNadim SawayaJarny ChoiTim (Chanop) SIlpa-Anan and Yuko Kinoshita, plus live music from Tangalo.

Good quality tango music is at the heart of tango. Tango in the Spring 2012 will have excellent tango music at all our milongas and the practica. We’ve invited tango DJs from around the country, who will create their individual mixes of the tango music you love, to make each event unique.

They will craft nights to remember: from the sparse rhythms of early Canaro, the odd syncopations of Biagi, the smooth but powerful di Sarli tangos, the driving valses of Laurenz, though to the dramatic orchestrations of Pugliese – everything from the “Golden Age” of tango music – plus a few selected from more recent recordings and some from the vault.  At the practica, we will select tango music in a good mix to make your practice fun and musical.

Many thanks to all our DJs for being part of Tango in the Spring! And for the Sunday afternoon, we have live music from dedicated tango band Tangalo.

Pat Petronio teaches tango and organises regular milongas with her partner Bob in Adelaide. She has also been invited to DJ at special events such as Sydney International Tango festival, and DJed at Tango in the Spring 2010 — so quite a few of you probably have enjoyed dancing to her music. Pat will be DJing for the welcome milonga on Friday — read an interview with Pat here.

Michael Hayes is a tango tragic from Canberra. Michael has been DJing in Canberra for a several years at practicas and milongas including the Tango Social Club 10th anniversary milonga. Read an interview with Michael here, and dance to his selections at the practica on Saturday.

Nadim Sawaya is from Melbourne, and one of the driving forces behind Melbourne Tango. Many people probably know Nadim: he DJed at BASH in 2008 and ran a DJ workshop, and Tango in the Spring 2010. He is also one of the favourite DJs in Sydney, being invited to DJ at special events such as Sydney International Tango festival. Read an interview with Nadim here, and hear him on the Saturday night.

Jarny Choi is a tango organiser, teacher and DJ from Melbourne. Jarny DJed for us at Tango in the Spring 2008 and 2010 and we all had a fantastic time. Also those of you who have been around for a long time might also remember him DJing at the Australian tango festival in Melbourne. Read an interview with Jarny here — and catch his DJing at the Sunday milonga.

Tim (Chanop) Silpa-Anan is a co-organiser and DJ at the El Boliche Monday night milonguita in Canberra: though he’s DJing less now he’s a dad! He started proper tango DJing in Canberra, was the main club DJ for many years, and ran the Monday milonga at Toast for five years. Tim was the DJ at the farewell milonga at Tango in the Spring 2008 and 2010, and will DJ this challenging milonga again this year.  Read about him here.

Yuko Kinoshita is a co-organiser and now main DJ at the El Boliche Monday night milonguita in Canberra. She has also DJd at the Czech House milonga in Melbourne, and at Tango Social Club of Canberra milongas. Read an interview with Yuko here.  Yuko will DJ in between the Tangalo live music sets on Sunday afternoon, and is the backup DJ for Tango in the Spring.  Come to Canberra on a non-long weekend Monday and dance to Yuko’s music at  El Boliche!