2008: Accommodation

Kingston, Manuka and the City Centre (or “Civic” as we call it here) are each reasonably close to some of the milonga venues, and are well located for other attractions. (more…) Share this page:FacebookTwitterGoogleEmailPrint

2008: Canberra

Canberra is a delight in Spring. There are some lovely places to visit and some good places to eat. Here are some suggestions for you. Also, if you use Facebook, we have set up a group on Facebook where you can post info about Canberra for other attendees, organise tandom social events and of course invite more people. See TISP on Facebook. If you’re not a Facebook member it’s easy to join, so join up! Places to eat Dinner Too many to mention! There are plenty of options if you can find your way to the city centre (Civic), Kingston,...