Not long now! Tango in the Spring 2016 is happening between Friday 30 September – Monday 3 October, in Canberra, Australia. Confirmed DJs for this year’s festival are Pat Petronio, Mohamed Ibrahim, Yuko Kinoshita, Jamie Gifford and Jarny Choi. We will be in some different venues this time, but the same goals: social tango nirvana again! So, we will aim for good traditional tango music, good sound, comfortable venues with allocated seating, and a warm welcome from the Canberra tango community as well as all the Tango in the Spring regulars. The Monday is a public holiday in some states, so stay till the end on Monday afternoon.

Tango in the Spring brings Argentine tango dancers from across Australia to Canberra to simply enjoy dancing together to beautiful music.

Each two years (2008, 2010, 2012, 2014) we have had four days of social tango dancing to great Golden Age music in a friendly and warm social setting. Dancing with new partners, and catching up with old tango friends. Excellent interstate and local DJs provide great tango music. We have had four long milongas, a practica, an asado, a movie and  live music.

Here is what others have said about previous Tango in the Spring events:

“This event will stay in my mind for a long time. Beautiful in conception and perfect in execution, it left us wanting more, despite the exhaustion we felt in our bodies after so many hours spent dancing. To me, it encapsulated the joy of tango into one event. I can’t thank the organisers more for what they have managed to bring together.”

“fantastic, brilliant!!! The DJ’s playlists were excellent and the milongas were great fun, warm friendly and welcoming. I had a wonderful weekend with some new friends made and some wonderful dancing”

“It was a great weekend… we really enjoyed the friendly atmosphere. Relaxed and people just enjoying what Tango is all about.”

“The venues were great – the volunteers were so welcoming and it was lovely to have people escort us to our tables. The mood created by the lighting, decorations, people and the music all came together to create a fantastic event.”

“A unique feature of the Festival is the sharing between the community of dancers without the usual Festival emphasis involving cost of classes and teaching from tango professionals.”

“10 out of 10 for everything; organisation,venues, choice of DJ’s, extra activities, friendliness.”

All the organisers are volunteers at this non profit event. It is organised by dancers, for dancers. We are not affiliated with any tango teachers or dance schools. We’ve got DJs from other cities, and a whole bunch of people from Canberra will be helping during the festival. Our aim is to have a great time, and strengthen social tango in Australia by connecting dancers across the nation and beyond.

The Tango in the Spring team:

Yuko Kinoshita | Gary Barnes | Jarny Choi | Chanop (Tim) Silpa-Anan | Jane Won  info@tangointhespring.org.au

A project of the Tango Social Club of Canberra, a non-profit association.
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Registered Association Number: A04223
Australian Business Number (ABN): 34 778 985 483 GPO Box 2740 Canberra ACT 2601